• Fuerzas ancestrales dominan la última colectiva de Capa Madrid

    FranÇoise Giannesini, Alberto Corazón y Enrique Mesonero nos proponen hasta el próximo 14 de enero una convinación de energías y creencias canalizadas a través de la exposición Fuerzas Telúricas.

    La búsqueda de armonía entre naturaleza y cosmos era una creencia común a nuestros antepasados y a otras muchas culturas ancestrales. Es este mismo atavismo el que está presente en Fuerzas Telúricas, una exposición colectiva donde una energía canalizadora recorre todas y cada una de las obras que la componen: desde las formaciones geológicas de la artista francesa FranÇoise Giannesini a los espacios sagrados de Alberto Corazón pasando por las abstracciones fertilizadoras de Enrique Mesonero.

  • Venancio Blanco , one more week  in Capa Esculturas

    The great interest raised among public and media by Venancio Blanco Escultura makes possible the extension of the exhibition.

    Tomás Paredes´ article published in La Vanguardia reflects the enthusiasm and affection that the sculptor Venancio Blanco has shown in this tribute to his “friend and master ”, as he likes to remind, Mister Eduardo Capa Sacristán.


    Overlapping planes, the work with emptiness and spirituality of Salamanca artist have attracted the interest of public and media that endorse the extension of the exhibition that attendees to the Capa Gallery could enjoy until December 10, 2013.


    Download the full article of Tomás Paredes from our web site under Circus work which illustrating the report.

  • Harmony of Lorenzo Quinn executed by Capa

    The sculpture titled Harmony, work of Lorenzo Quinn and made and installed by the Capa Foundry at Ivan Mañero’s clinic, was opened yesterday with the other installations from Sant Cugat del Vallès.

    The piece that chairs the medical-aesthetic complex, consists of a man made of aluminum and a woman in bronze on a yin-yang symbol made of baked lacquered aluminum. The whole measures 3 meters high.


    Harmony used taijitu symbology, so recurrent in Lorenzo Quinn’s works, evoking aspects of Taoist philosophy and the intrinsic balance found in all the elements thanks to the complementarity of opposites that, in this case, applies to relationships. In the author's words "every relationship is the encounter of two worlds becoming one”.

  • Miquel Navarro . Sculptures and Photography. Capa Esculturas Brussels Gallery

    On Friday 25 October, opens at Capa Sculptures Brussels Sculptures and Photography from Miquel Navarro, internationally regarded as one of the most personal voices of contemporary sculpture.

    The exhibition as a whole is a representative look to Miquel Navarro´s way and his latest works.


    The terracotta mount is untold, like the iron foundries as well. The photograph, which is currently very much appealing to the valencian artist, is a projection of his own sculptural world, where human elements coexist with others that are purely urban. Sculptures of warriors are in charge of guarding the Miquel Navarro’s universe.

  • Venancio Blanco opens ESCULTURA in Capa Esculturas Madrid Gallery

    Next 24 Octuber at 8 pm will be the opening of the VENANCIO BLANCO Escultura show in our exhibition space in Madrid where we will have the presence of the artist.

    The honor is all ours when a historic renovator of contemporary sculpture as is Venancio Blanco agrees to cooperate with Capa Gallery to produce a new exhibition, and moreover, when he decides to raise it as a tribute to his dear friend Eduardo Capa.


    This exhibition takes us into the sculptor universe we can delight with pieces on common themes in the imagination of Venancio Blanco: religious, bullfighting, flamenco or music, although the artist has focused his gaze on the human figure, rescuing models in clay works that dialogue with others more recent drawn from the wax plates overlay .


    The artisanal process of sculpture, starting with drawing up to the bronze casting, It is a lesson that Venancio Blanco has always tried to transmit and we collect in Venancio Blanco ESCULTURA.

  • We open new season

    Experimentation and enjoyment during the creative process link the four artists who gather in New Season 13/14: Immaculada Amor, Ignacio Asenjo Salcedo, Julián Ortiz and Aris Stoidis, whose exhibition will open on Thursday, September 19th at 8pm in the Capa Gallery Madrid.

    They will be our guides trough this trip that since the tradition of forging to experimentation with new materials such as resin, methacrylate or plexiglass, we moved to geometric worlds of ancestral root or to forgotten civilizations recreated in enclosed spaces where the pilgrim meets the artist-creator.


    A periplus in which relating with beings who observe and speak through searing and incisive posts full of humor, an adventure where to see the familiar in an unknown way while we sail seas of color.

  • Restoration Los Cazadores de Alcántara of Mariano Benlliure

    It has performed the restoration of monumental sculpture Benlliure´s Los Cazadores de Alcántara conducted by the Capa Foundry.

    Enrique Saiz Martín, Patrimonio Cultural managing director, Andrés Chapa Huidobro, Academia de Caballería director and Pablo Trillo, Junta delegate, have presented the restoration of the sculpture Los Cazadores de Alcántara, Mariano Benlliure´s work, which is presiding the entrance of the Cavalry Academy of Valladolid.

    The monument, opened in 1931, represents five riders on their horses to a gallop, wearing different banners. It was made in honor of the behavior in the African War of the I Alcántara Regiment.

    Restoration works of Benlliure´s sculpture have been done by the Capa Foundry. For one week is undertaken a thorough cleaning of all, the replacing one of the sabers pods that has been stolen and the applying a protective layer of microcrystalline wax.

  • Human Nature by Yolanda & H comes from Brussels to Madrid

    The confrontation between human being and nature becomes feeling in the exhibition Human Nature of the artistic duo Yolanda & H, opening today at Capa Sculptures Gallery Madrid.

    Today, 4 July at 8:00 pm, opens in Capa Sculptures Gallery Madrid the exhibition Human Nature by artistic duo Yolanda & H, integrated by Yolanda Sanchez and Hubert Roland. This exhibition comes from our counterpart in Brussels where it was presented for the first time with significant success.


    The human action upon nature is seen in a series of works that reveal a sense of confrontation between these two elements. The duality is also seen through the materials used: corten steel and fluorescent yellow pigment, industrial component reflects of human aggression to the nature and vital light given off by fluorine as a defense opposite this.

  • Spitting Leaders  installs in Parc Borely from Marseille

    The Museum of Contemporary Art of Marseille has invited Fernando Sanchez Castillo to form part of the Le Pont program as part of the activities organized by Marseille-Provence, European Capital of Culture 2013.

    The sea, as a bridge between cultures and cohesive element, is the centerpiece of this exhibition that reflects the port tradition of Marseille, presented as the laboratory and stopping point for artists and people from everywhere.


    The Capa Foundry has executed and installed Fernando Sanchez Castillo´s Spitting Leaders sculpture which will remain displayed for five months in Marseille, while the city holds the European Capital of Culture. The set consists of four exempt pieces of bronze that represents Luis XIV, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco. With this piece the author delves into the relationship between art/power and shows the symbols as a vehicle for the collective consciousness.

  • Marañas de Patricia Losada, nouvelle exposition á la Galería Capa Bruselas

    Le 14 juin, dans la galerie de Capa à Bruxelles, sera inaugurée l’exposition Marañas de l’artiste madrilène Patricia Losada.

    Précédée par le succès obtenu, l’été passé dans la Galerie de Capa à Madrid, l’œuvre de l’artiste Patricia Losada voyage maintenant jusqu’à Bruxelles pour une nouvelle exposition intitulée Marañas, dont l’inauguration aura lieu le 14 juin à 19h, au siège belge de la Galeria Capa Esculturas.


    Une sélection de 35 œuvres, entre sculptures et maquettes, formera part de l’exhibition, à travers laquelle nous plongerons dans le monde intérieur de l’artiste marqué par sa nécessité à résoudre les problèmes quotidiens et atteindre la joie et la paix spirituelle.

  • Bodies, the new exhibition of Capa Madrid Gallery

    The study of the human body is a classic topic in sculpture that we wanted to go over through the pieces of artists such as Venancio Blanco, Alberto Corazón, Manuel Mateo, Miquel Navarro or Emilio Velilla among others.

    The Capa Madrid Gallery opens today at 20 pm a new exhibition called Bodies which reflects the vision of the human body that different and established artists have.


    A total of 18 sculptures make up this exhibition where the bodies acquire geometric forms or voluptuous states of pregnancy, the old age and the youthfulness meet and the mystic and the pagan acquiere a new meaning.

  • Peter Scherges y Andrés Lasanta guides of their exhibition Encontrados

    In a personal interview the sculptors talk to us about their careers, the creative process and the inspiration that guides their works.

    The sculptors Andrés Lasanta and Peter Scherges guide us through Encontrados group exhibition, where two very different sculptural languages coexist and interact.


    The reportage, produced by InCus TV, allows us to visit the exhibition and get to know their authors in a better way, but if after seeing it you still want more, it can be seen in the Capa Gallery until Tuesday 28 May.

  •  Pedro de Valdivia. The origins of Capa

    Will celebrate 50 years of the inauguration in Santiago de Chile of the equestrian sculpture of Enrique Pérez Comendador, the first great monumental work made by Eduardo Capa.

    Soon be fulfilled the 50th anniversary of the inauguration in Santiago de Chile of sculpture to Extremadura conqueror, Pedro de Valdivia. This work of Enrique Pérez Comendador, opened in July 1963, originally stood in the Cerro Santa Lucia but was changed to place several times before they fix his current position in the Plaza de Armas.


    This is the first major monumental sculpture made by Eduardo Capa. Works began in Coca, and recently has come to light a photographic material documenting the work done and taking us back to the origins of Capa Foundry before moving to Arganda del Rey. It will be the need for larger plant to finish the equestrian sculpture of Enrique Pérez Comendador the reason that motivates the change of the Foundry to Arganda where the work of art will be finally finished in the spring of 1963.


    At present the Capa Foundry remains in this same locality in more modern facilities but always following the spirit of its creator.

  • Fondos de la Fundación Capa en la exposición “Un siglo de escultura catalana”

    El Newton de Dalí, la Cabeza de Goya de Benlliure o la Ondina de Miquel Blay son algunos ejemplos de un total de trece esculturas que la Fundación Capa ha cedido al MEAM para su exposición Un siglo de escultura catalana.

    Durante los meses de abril, mayo y junio de 2013 podrá visitarse en el MEAM (Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno) la exposición Un siglo de escultura catalana, sugerente y completa muestra de piezas realizadas desde mediados del siglo XIX a nuestros días.

    La colección está formada, en su mayoría, por obras pertenecientes a distintas instituciones y colecciones privadas, destacando la colaboración de la Fundación Capa que ha cedido un total de 13 esculturas pertenecientes a distintas épocas, estilos y autores como son Mariano Benlliure, Miquel Blay, Salvador Dalí, Manolo Hugué, Vicente Navarro, Agustí Querol o Julio Antonio.

  • Fernando Sánchez Castillo explora la imagen de los iconos

    Tank Man  es una de las obras destacadas de la nueva exposición de Fernando Sánchez Castillo, El sueño de la razón en el Rabo Art Zone de Utrecht.

    La nueva exposición de Fernando Sánchez Castillo, El sueño de la razón en el Rabo Art Zone de Utrecht, reflexiona acerca del poder, los iconos y la caída en el olvido de los símbolos.

    Una de las obras destacadas de la muestra es Tank Man, escultura en poliuretano y resina de 5,16 metros, inspirada en el hombre anónimo que se convirtió en icono internacional durante la revuelta de la Plaza de Tiananmen en 1989.

    El hombre del tanque ha sido realizado en la Fundición Capa mediante técnicas de producción de alta tecnología como la digitalización por escáner, impresión 3D y la ampliación y modelado digital.

  • Andrés Lasanta y Peter Scherges dialogan en EncontraDos

    La figuración de Andrés Lasanta y la abstracción de Peter Scherges se dan la mano en EncontraDos, la nueva exposición de la Galería Capa Madrid.

    Este jueves 11 de abril a las 19 horas se inaugura EncontraDos en la Galería Capa Esculturas Madrid, una muestra colectiva de los artistas Andrés Lasanta y Peter Scherges.

    La intención con la que nace esta nueva exposición es la de establecer un diálogo entre dos lenguajes escultóricos encontrados, abstracción versus figuración, serenidad frente a frenesí, equilibrio contra inestabilidad, e idealismo cara a la ironía.