Presentation - About Us

Eduardo Capa is one of the great names of Spanish contemporary sculpture. His work as professor, artist and metal caster joins with that of his collector's facet. His collaboration and friendship with the artists most representetive of the 20th and 21st centuries has enabled him to put together one of the most significant samples of this discipline. Artists like Capuz, Oteiza, Mallo, Benlliure, Chirino, Ferrant, Dalí, Alvarez, Laviada, Alberto Sanchez o Pablo Serrano all form part of the collection of Eduardo Capa.

The Fundación Capa appeard in 1998. From its creation until the year 2004, the headquarters was located in the Castillo de Santa Barbara of Alicante. From then on has been settled in Arganda del Rey. In the spacious enclosure the Madrid locality the Fundación Capa coexists with the smelter and the Capa family residence.

The aim of the Fundacion Eduardo Capa is to show the secrets of the comtemporary sculpture and its creators to the general public. Throughout its history it has been stood out for its work of spreading in the Cultural field.

The Summer University of Sculpture, the creation of a specialized library and the stablishment of the Eduardo Capa sculpture award all stood out during its stay in Alicante. Amongst other cultural projects - added to these activities are the organization of courses, seminars, didactic activities that focused on the scholar field and the temporary exhibitions. The Fundación Capa has also been involved with the awarding of grants, the investigative matters are well in hand, the coordination of publications and the fulfilment of restorations.

From its creation the Foundation has become a national reference in the field of the Arts. At the present, the headquarters in Arganda del Rey has a number a permanent exhibitions, in which are the most representetive sculptures of the collection. At the same time, a large number of public and private organisms come up with some of the most extensive funds of Spanish contemporary sculpture to organize exhibitions.