The Fundición Eduardo Capa has always distinguished for its work in the field of bronze, iron, aluminium and stainless steel sculpture and most metals used. The workshop provides all the processes that exist on the market for adaptation to the needs of each client and to achieve the quality-price relation.

The two large procedures used are the Lost wax smelting, a very ancient method used from time immemorial and sand smelting. In each of them exists a large range of possibilities that allow the professional team of the Fundicion Capa to adapt to the artistic and economic demands of each client.

Currently our workshops produce more than 7,000 sculptures a year, of every size.

Casting procedures used:

  • Lost wax smelting:

    • smelting using traditional method

    • smelting with the ceramic shell:

      • Ceramic shell smelting with an alcohol base

      • Ceramic peel smelting with a water base

      • Smelting with ceramic mold block

    • Hybrid ceramic shell system with traditional procedure

    • Micro-fusion:

      • Covering of jewellery

      • With a ceramic system

  • Sand Smelting

    • Silicate system, Co2, catalyst.

    • System with Furan

    • Sand in green

    • Liquid sand

    • Hybrid ceramic systems

We are prepared to cast different metal besides bronze, such as aluminium, iron, stainless steel, tin...