Foundry, Foundation and Galleries are the creative triangle of Eduardo Capa, master of the Spanish contemporary sculpture. The galleries located in Madrid and Brussels, intended to find and promote new talents, are the final vertex of this project.

Capa Esculturas was created in 1995 with the aim of spreading the work achieved by new sculptors and make this discipline accessible to all kind of publics. The innovation and promotion of creative plurality have always been the identity signs of their galleries.

Since its foundation, Capa Esculturas has created a permanent collection which includes more than a hundred pieces from more than thirty sculptors. All of them have been meticulously selected by a comitee of experts from the Fundición Eduardo Capa. The quality and the future of the creator are two of the main criteria that determine the selection of the works, all of them supervised, signed and numbered by the author.

The pieces of Capa Esculturas make up a large mosaic which represents the present and the future of the Spanish sculpture. The pieces of works are divided into three categories according to the number of pieces of work made in that edition (8, 75 or 1,500). The creations that are in the galleries of Madrid and Brussels are available for anyone interested, starting from 150€.

Apart from the permanent collection, the galleries organize, periodically, temporary collective and individual exhibitions. Stone, bronze or metal sculptures coexist with pieces made with innovative techniques, such as photography or digital video-animation.

Capa Esculturas has become an essential reference for the field of most recent Spanish sculpture. Innovation, openness and quality are the distinguishing marks that characterize the Madrid and Brussels galleries, the shelter of the new contemporary creators.